Friday, December 10, 2010

Clinton and Obama Impromptu Presser

Apparently, he's thrown in the towel, and I don't mean Clinton. The Republicans need to nominate someone reasonable in 2012 and they can easily beat this man who has apparently given up.

Fast forward to the 10:45 point for the money shot from today's impromptu press event:

What a tour de force, even if you disagree with the man, he has a command of the issues that escape the current occupant of the White House. Skip to any section of this video and ask yourself who could have done better. His understanding of the meaning of current high cash balances held by major corporations is beyond any living Democrat politician.

Best snark via Hotair on Twitter: "Finally, America has a black President again" (Michael Goldfarb).

Just remember, it's always about Bill.


  1. Obama’s stance radiates his discomfort. After he realizes turning over the podium to Bill Clinton is a mistake he makes a hasty retreat. Bill leans forward and the whole atmosphere changes. He is the President once again. The reporters enthusiastically ask their questions seemingly drawn in to this illusion. You may disagree with President Clinton, you may not like him but the man knows how to work a room full of reporters.

  2. It looked like he needed his big brother to assist him. Very UN-Presidential.

  3. I would bet money that history is going to remember this moment for a long, long, long time. Such a gut-less move. Although I bet Hillary is pissed that Bill can breeze in like that after how hard she claws at legitimacy.

  4. Sarah,
    Mrs. Dawg & I said the same thing. She could run on the platform, "he just wasn't ready to be president"

    I heard he really left because President Clinton didn't have any skirt to hide behind.