Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Not So Happy Bill of Rights Day

Today is Bill of Rights Day. Cato has the lowdown on the many ways that our government and courts have undermined our rights over the years. From attempting to ban the publishing of pamphlets without prior approval to arresting dying patients for taking experimental drugs, the Bill of Rights seems to have taken a beating. Go on over and read the whole thing, but I warn you, it's depressing.

What do you think is the most egregious unsanctioned violation of the Bill of Rights in the last century? (Not all amendments included):

1. Campus speech codes at public universities.
2. Brian Aitken's seven year prison sentence for legally owning a gun that was disassembled in the trunk of his car, but he happened to be in New Jersey.
4. Crotch inspections and full body nudie pics just to get on an airplane.
5. The truly awful outcome of Kelo v New London.
6. The fact that only about 1% of all cases go to jury trial because prosecutors have rigged the system to aid in getting plea bargained guilty pleas.


  1. Both the New London and Aitkens stories are chilling.

  2. the kelo decision. justice stevens blemished his entire career based on the opinion that private industry could push eminent domain if they forecasted positive economic inpact (sounds familiar to the Moon decision with healthcare). stevens, ginnsberg, etc. should have retired after that one.

    as a result of that decision, people were removed from their land, and the private developer went broke.

    great job,stevens.

  3. also, #6 is a bit misleading. one problem that any prosecuter will tell you is that jury trials are a nightmare because...well, jurists will lie to get onto cases, jurists are slow, can be influenced and distracted, etc. and i hate to say it, but racism comes into play quite a bit. ask any prosector.

  4. I would've preferred they retired beforehand, but yeah, I get your point, drozz.

    I'll go with Kelo also.

    Linked this morning.