Thursday, December 9, 2010

As Predicted

. . The Obama "framework" on a tax cut deal is not done. Drudge is linking to a story that House Democrats are unified in opposition. What this means is not known. But what is known is this, Obama by agreeing to something that he then angrily denounced has played a strong hand badly and is now going to look weak(er) and (more) ineffectual regardless of the outcome. Meanwhile, all taxpayers are going to experience tax increases on January 1 almost assuredly, because the lengthy negotiations to get out a bill won't leave the IRS time to change payroll deduction tables. With unemployment again on the rise, back up to 9.8%, this is as foolish of a political move by the Democrats as I could have imagined, validating the voters' judgment about their competence as expressed last November and leaving out all room for doubt. Great shot of Princess Nancy on Drudge:

"Let them eat cake. "


  1. Barack Obama Secret Phone Call leak Exclusive

  2. That press conference by the Prez a couple of days ago announcing the deal was perhaps the worst press conference by a President ever.

    Absolutely dreadful.

  3. She's striking the Heisman pose.

    'Tis the season!