Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Meg Whitman - Turncoat Outrage on Illegal Immigration Issue

I was never excited about my Republican choices for governor in the primary. Both Poizner and Whitman seemed bent on trying to outdo each other by turning up the volume on illegal immigration, hypocritically I might add. Regular commenter Road 'Dawg alerted me to this little gem from the Whitman campaign.

Image courtesy of SFGate: Politics Blog

I'm not going to translate, it's too disgusting considering the ad campaigns during the primaries. Listen to the following clip and enjoy the irony of hearing Pete Wilson, the force behind Prop 187, endorse Meg.

So we have a conundrum, do we let left wing moonbat Jerry Brown take the governor's mansion or do we let another hypocritical, ruling class Republican, disappoint us? As your unofficial chief ideologist, I need your input. The comments section is open, except for roy_b.

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  1. Her agenda to get anointed is apparent. I would rather have Jerry Brown sink us with his honest liberalism than her lack of principles.

    There is an agenda here I can't put my finger on..... but it smells very bad.