Wednesday, July 21, 2010

California Governors Poll

Given Meg Whitman's disappointing hypocrisy of saying one thing in Spanish and another in English, I have opened a poll at right on the California Governor's race. Please vote, even if you are not a Californian and leave some commentary on your thoughts on the subject.


  1. Knowing my 3rd party vote is a vote for Moonbeam, I believe the State is ungovernable and therefore unsustainable.

    Playing patty-cake with another Arnold will only prolong the pain. Let's get Jerry in and rip the band-aid off with a little pain.

  2. Jerry Brown should translate the "tough as nails" (muy resistente) video to Spanish

    Put this out there Jerry,

    "immagrants ilegales son sólo eso, ilegal" Meg

  3. Road Dawg: I am going to have to respectfully disagree. They way I see it, citizen activists would have more success in persuading Meg to our point of view (as we have done as related to Global Warming). Furthermore, Meg is willing to go toe-to-toe with the unions, whereas Brown created the public employee union structure that is killing that state's economy.

    I say vote Meg in, stay on her case, and work at the grass-roots level to get a better pick next cycle. Voting Brown in will do damage to this state that is likely to be unrepairable. We are living your theory now, at the national level, with Obama. I don't find your approach a satisfying option.

    I hope to persuade you to my point of view by November! :)

  4. Mutnodjmet,
    Thanks for the comment, overall I agree. I strongly encourage everyone to comment on Whitman's web site, so that she does get the message.
    But I reserve the option to support a third party if she doesn't turn this around.