Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Half Cent Sales Tax Increase - DOA

Will a half cent sales tax increase in the city of San Diego pass this November? The fact that Howard Wayne (candidate for District 6 Council seat) has come out against it speaks volume. Here is a candidate endorsed by every employee union that matters, saying he would vote No on the proposed increase. Howard Wayne is an experienced politician, and an astute campaigner, so his read on the situation says a lot. Listen to the following report from local station KUSI.

By the way, does David Alvarez sound like a wishy washy weakling or what? Glad I'm not in district 8. I am also concerned that Lorie Zapf, whom I have endorsed, can't get herself on TV.

For those of us in the Tea Party, keep in mind the last little sentence about this tax increase only needing a simple majority vote to pass. Time to get busy, this is our issue, we are Taxed Enough Already. And what's this crap about San Diego being one of the lightest taxed cities in the nation? California has both a high sales tax rate, and a high income tax rate, fact. Sick of this union crap to extort more money from us. With the parcel tax on the ballot, we have some work to do.

I would like to thank Steve Rivera, Howard Wayne's campaign manager, for providing the link to the KUSI piece.

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