Saturday, July 24, 2010

Cartel Gunmen in Laredo TX - Not Yet Confirmed by Major News Outlets UPDATE Not True?

This report, if it turns out to be true, would be proof of the total loss of sovereignty over our border by our federal government, H/T Temple of Mut. I am a little nervous about the report, because it is only on one news outlet right now. I emailed Fox News with the link and suggest others send the linked article to their favorite news outlets. The truth about our failure to defend American citizens on the border needs to be surfaced in the media. I have taken a screen shot of the linked article above so that it does not disappear down the memory hole. Click image to zoom in.

If this turns out to be a hoax I will be a bit angry, but the web site appears to be a legitimate news outlet. A second news article seeming to confirm here.


Rightpundits is reporting that rather than an actual border incursion,

The FBI is advising law enforcement across the country that a “Texas cell” of Los Zetas acquired a ranch in Texas that they are using as a base of operations.

Houston Chronicle has in the past reported that this cell of Los Zetas uses a secluded ranch to train its members how to “neutralize” competitors in the drug trade. You’ll feel safe to know that Los Zetas is training its members within our borders about home invasion techniques, firearms, and how to run vehicles off the road to kidnap those who owe drug debts.
This would still represent a shift in tactics, but would not be the cross-border incursion as originally reported.

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