Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Why School Choice is Important

A little off the beaten path of auto company bailouts and Senate seats for sale comes the following news. The Arizona Supreme Court heard oral arguments today on the issue of school vouchers for special needs and foster children. This is an important case for America. As has been par for the course, the teacher's unions are arguing against anything that improves education for America's children, in this case our most disadvantaged.

The vouchers for special needs and foster children were approved two years ago, and they have been challenged twice. The lower courts have ruled that the use of vouchers at private schools is unconstitutional.
On what grounds you might ask? Because sometimes the funds are used at private schools that are ... gasp... associated with religious (read Christian) entities. Yes, my friends, some Americans are Christians. So if I donated my tax rebate check last summer to my church, has the federal government subsidized United Methodism? Quelle horreur! Someone notify the ACLU!

But the real tragedy is human. Despite assertions to the contrary, the public schools are not meeting the needs of these children (and most children, but one case at a time). Please view the video below to see the effect an adverse ruling would have on one family.

H/T: Institute for Justice


  1. B-Daddy, thank you for this. You know how much I feel like a) this is a winning issue for Republicans and b) it's absolutely the right course of action... thus, it's completely ignored by the party elite.

    This needs to be the Prop. 13 issue of this next Presidential election cycle.

  2. Dean,
    I agree. But what is wrong with the Republican leadership? They are such morons. The headline on this month's Reason magazine, has a picture of Bush getting out of a car with the caption, "Exit, Stage Left."