Saturday, December 20, 2008

Jerry Brown Comes Out in Favor of Incest and Polygamy

Dean has some good constitutional analysis of Jerry Brown's recent declaration that marriage is somehow a fundamental right, guaranteed by our state constitution. I wanted to add a little about the logic of that position. Though he won't admit it, our AG is really saying that there should be no limits on marriage between consenting adults. Father marrying adult daughter aged 18? No problem, fundamental right. Dude marrying multiple women? No problem, fundamental right. Brothers getting married? OK, you get the picture, I'll quit before we all get sick. But logically, it is an unsustainable argument unless one abandon's any pretense that the word marriage is constrained in any meaningful way. And unless there are logical limits, the word has no meaning at all.

Further, I ask what right I denied gays by voting for Proposition 8? Gays can live together, share households, get insurance coverage for each other, create contractual obligations of mutual support and adopt children. It is an Orwellian twist of vocabulary to argue that they lack fundamental rights.

I never fail to be amazed at the inability of the left to carry the logic of their arguments to their inevitable and usually ghastly conclusion.

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  1. How are rights different for gays? We both can marry any woman that will have us. That sounds pretty equal to me.