Sunday, December 21, 2008

KTLT on the Air

KT at The Scratching Post and Dean at Beers With Demo have been posting their favorite Christmas songs. To date I have shied away from non-political topics, but I love this version of a very old Christmas song so much, I just had to share. A little off the beaten path and a little more modern than some of the other postings but here goes.

In case you didn't recognize the artist, that is Margaret Becker singing O Come, O Come Emmanuel from the CD Christmas Music for the Heart. I stumbled across her recording on Rhapsody. I like Rhapsody because it has allowed me to become exposed to music I never would have otherwise ever heard of. Right now Mrs. Daddy and I are listening to Wib Newberry's Gypsy Fire as a result of the strange process of searching on Rhapsody. Maybe a post on long tail economics some other day.


  1. That's a really nice version of the song. That's one of my favorite Christmas hymns.

    Thanks for the link, too!

  2. Passionate and seemingly heartfelt rendition of a great hymn. Thanks B'Daddy! And Merry Christmas -- Immanuel has come.