Saturday, December 27, 2008

Disqualified for Stupidity

The man pictured at right, Chip Saltsman, had hoped to become chairman of he Republican National Committee. He mailed out a CD to other Republicans that included a parody entitled, "Barack the Magic Negro." Article here. I almost didn't repeat the title of the song, I am so embarrassed.

While it is true that the media is again employing a double standard, no way should Republicans elect a chairman so tone deaf. My advice about email and correspondence of all types is this, expect it to be made public. I know that sounds harsh, but it is a reality in these times. This happens so frequently, I am shocked that people are still shocked when it does.

On the media bias bit, David Ehrestein published an article last March titled "Obama the 'Magic Negro'" to little outrage in the liberal press. I assume that Ehrenstein is a liberal because he writes for the LA Times. It turns out that he is also black. So there is an even deeper double-standard at work where blacks can use the N word with each other, even in the presence of whites, but no one else may.

Sure glad to be living in this post-racial world where Obama has healed our racial divide. But I wonder, who is really perpetuating the divide?

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  1. Assume Ehrestein is liberal because of the lack of outrage.