Friday, February 24, 2012

Stuff That's Not News

Dog bites man isn't really news, as the old saw goes, but "Man Bites Dog," will sell newspapers. Modern news organizations seem to have forgotten that. Here's some headlines of late that I choose to mostly ignore because they are in the "dog bites man" category.

Afghans riots and kill people over Koran burning/Mohammed insult.
Greeks riot over government cuts.
Raising taxes results in unexpected revenue shortfall. (BTW this could be on zillionaires or cigarettes.)
Islamists pass sharia laws.
Obama continues or increases some Bush era policy.
Lady Gaga does [fill in the blank with anything outrageous].
High flying Patriot team loses in the Super Bowl. (OK, that last one was just schadenfreude.)

Feel free to provide your own in the comments.