Sunday, February 5, 2012

More War in the Middle East?

Iran is giving signals that it is preparing for war with Israel. Look at this screen capture from the Persian language Fars News Agency's front page:

Note the tattered Israeli flag, I am unable to get a translation of the web site, so I don't know what is being said. WND is reporting that a conservative website (this link is to a Google translation of the site*) that has ties to the reigning Ayatollah is publishing clerical (that is legal in Muslim parlance) justification for attacking Israel and killing all Jews. It is my recollection that tyrannies launch propaganda campaigns in preparation for war. Israel is taking precautions world wide to protect their embassies, another relevant fact.

Check the difference between the English language version of Iran's official news site and the Farsi version above:

Here the approach is more subtle, the Iranian Defense Minister touts the launch of a satellite; but we know that satellite launching technology is indistinguishable from ballistic missile technology. In the fifth article, Brigadier General Mohammad Pakpour, head of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) warns that the IRGC will deliver a crushing blow to Israel if they attack, but maintains that Iran will not attack first.

Given that the Iranians are probably about a year away from assembling up to four nukes, I am not sure what their game plan is. Perhaps they are trying to provoke an Israeli attack in order to build domestic support. If so, then perhaps the Israelis would be better served by not attacking the nuclear capability; but that is asking a lot of a country being threatened with nuclear attack. I think that we should never forget that the United States isn't the only country whose foreign policy is driven by domestic politics.

*Google translate provides the following translation of from an article on the Iranian website I am excerpting here for posterity. I cannot vouch for its accuracy of translation, however based on context I think there are many object-subject reversals, so this article is mostly discussing attacking Israel, even though portions indicate Israel is attacking.

Jurisprudential reasons for Israel's destruction
Guestbook: Alireza Forghani, 15 Persian date Bahman 90
Published: Saturday, 15 Persian date Bahman 1390 13:16

Necessary destruction of Israel from the perspective of Imam Khomeini (RA):
"Today the first qibla of Muslims to Israel, this cancerous tumor has been the Middle East. It satanic Israeli media division with the bombers. On every Muslim is required to equip themselves against Israel. My nearly twenty years of international Zionism Hey, I have and it's safe for all the world's revolutions and the liberation of Iran's recent past, I do not know. I have already noted, the usurper state of Israel, which is aiming for is the great danger and fear of Islam and Muslim countries is If the Muslims to make their deadlines, lost opportunities and avoid them if possible and necessary because the risk is that Islam is based on the Islamic states in particular and generally on other Muslims that corruption in any way possible to resolve the matter in. . all our problems of Israel. Israel of America. "
. . . Jurisprudential reasons for the Israeli military attack on Iran
. . .
Start with who you fight with God while they fight you, but the wicked [and primers] not because God does not love transgressors (Baqara 190) and where to find them and make them where you Bkshydshan Randhand drive, and the temptation to idolatry is worse than murder, and do not fight with them at the Sacred Mosque, unless they are there with your campaign, and because the campaign Bkshydshan the reward of such unbelievers (Baqara 191)
Jihad in the words of "JHD" means hardship and toil, or of "JHD" is meant to afford and tolerate in terms of effort and inconvenience in the way of God. Jihad in all aspects of economic, political, cultural and military, but can be explained solely using Jihad, Jihad's military Immediacy mind. Military jihad and the defense is divided into two basic types.
. . .

1 - Blood of Muslims to repel Israeli assault
As noted above, the purpose of repelling invasion defensive jihad against the enemies of Islam and Muslims and jihad is the primary goal of those who received the invitation to Islam and is considered the sufficiency imperatives, defensive jihad is obligatory objective.

In particular the Imam Khomeini (RA) described in the 2826 Manual states:
"If the enemy should invade the blood of Muslims and its borders, it is obligatory upon the Muslim masses every means possible to defend the lives and property of the give-away. And it does not need the permission of the judge."

. . .
With regard to Israel's aggression fake state of Palestine as part of the blood and includes the first Qibla of Muslims, to defend the sacred part of the blood of Muslims and Islamic Flsytn every means possible is obligatory in which case the judge would not even need to leave.

2 - to deal with the Israeli invasions of Palestinian blood
Regardless of the Israeli aggression against Palestine and the Muslims as the land is clear and the heads of this regime have never been denied that this fake regime soda dominate other Islamic lands bordering on the head and in this way to develop an every day in the provision of Chinese dominance of different ways.

. . .

Hence and considering the issues concerning primary and expansionist jihad against the Zionist regime and the regime definitively fake blood for Islam and Islamic Jihad to attack Israel on the defensive on the whole Muslim world is the objective obligatory.

3 - fear of Israeli domination over the Islamic countries
Imam Khomeini (RA) the Muslims were invited to consciousness, and of foreign domination over the Muslims have been warned. His 2828 issue states:

"If the Islamic countries of the map is drawn the strangers who might fear that dominate the Islamic countries to find it, it is obligatory upon Muslims with every means possible, plan to take them, and prevent They influence their development. "
The first jihad attack "Blood" non-Muslims is the lack of blood and land of Israel and the occupied land of Palestine to take over. Israel in the Palestinian territory of the Muslim people as a cancer that plans are drawn into an Islamic country and fear that it will dominate the Islamic countries to find that it is obligatory upon Muslims with every means possible, the map throw them together, and to prevent the development of Israel's influence.

. . .
Iran can destroy Israel in less than 9 minutes
Sjyl the missiles from ballistic missiles is a departure from the atmosphere and the path to such a height into the atmosphere back with about 10 to 12 Mach (approximately 3400 to 4080 meters per second) by the flooding, which destroy it. For all existing air defense systems is impossible. It represents the country's progress in missile technology to achieve such an important achievement. The solid ink technology used in rocket propulsion in addition to desirable features, high storage life is also looking for these missiles.
. . .
In the name of Allah
Iran must attack Israel by 2014

The necessity of Israel annihilation in Imam Khomeini's view
"Today, the first Qibla of the Muslims has been occupied by Israel, a cancerous tumor for the Middle East. Today, Israel is causing division using all evil means. Every Muslim is obliged to equip themselves against Israel. For about 20 years, I have been warning about the danger of international Zionist, and right now its danger for all the liberation revolutions in the world and the recent Islamic revolution of Iran is not less than the past. I have already warned that the Israeli usurping government, with the aims which it is seeking for, is a great danger for Islam and all Muslim nations, and it is likely that if Muslims leave Israel alone, the opportunity could be lost and it may not be possible to stop them; and since the potential danger is facing the foundations of Islam, it is necessary for the Islamic governments in particular and other Muslims in general to remove this corrupting material by any means. All our troubles are due to Israel! And Israel results from America too.

Nice that the United States doesn't escape notice from these loonies.


  1. I just don't know how to take this. Clearly some of those in charge want to remain in their positions of power and comfort. Any attack on Israel would result in a severe response. In the end they'd loose more than they'd gain. I just don't buy that the whole government is controlled by persons insane enough to want to martyr their entire country.

    On the other hand, if they provoke Israel to attack, that would turn nicely into internal propaganda supporting the idea that the country is under attack from without.

    It seems that provoking an Arab-spring style uprising would be far more preferable to a direct military action at this stage.

  2. Feels like the Carter/Reagan election era all over again...but would the election of one of our GOP likely's have the same deterring effect this time? We can pray.

  3. If anything should have been learned from the holocaust is that when someone threatens to wipe you out, you should take the threat seriously.