Saturday, February 18, 2012

Paul Ryan Smackdown of Geithner

Paul Ryan asks Timmy the Tax Cheat about the long term trajectory of the Obama budget. Timmy's response, "We don't have a definitive solution... We just don't like yours." Now there's some leadership.

A graphic from Geithner's own budget report:

A full discussion is available at the American Enterprise Institute blog.


  1. You got to give Geithner some credit for an honest answer...

  2. Calivancouver, honest? Yes. Demonstrative of leadership? No. If the President or Geithner were serious about solving the nation's budget woes, his response would have been more like this. "While we don't completely agree with your approach, we agree on the need to (fill in the blank, maybe means test entitlements or something). Further, approaches where would consider finding common ground include (fill in the blank.)" To have no plan and to state categorically that you oppose the Republican plan is a total abdication of the job that Geithner was confirmed by the Senate to perform, and by extension, it means his boss is unfit for the office to which he was elected.

  3. A link is on the way in a post later today. What got me was not the baldfaced abdication of responsibility, but the nearness of doom.