Wednesday, December 30, 2009


At least those were the President's words regarding the crotch-bomber's unsuccessful attempt to blow up Northwest flight 253. The President is also backing down on the AG's comments that Umar worked alone. But my question is what is the President's administration going to do about it, other than punish airline passengers for their successful effort in stopping terror attacks, by taking a closer look at their underwear. If I wanted that, I'd be spending more time at the Horse & Cow.

So far, all I have heard is talk of "systemic failures." That's bureaucratic for "no one is to blame, so no one will be held accountable." As usual, Obama sounds great, until you analyze the actual information content of what he is saying.

Terrorism is all about making society less free and more repressive and generally unlivable, because of the threat posed. There is no reason to believe that this attack couldn't have been prevented, so imposing new restrictions on society only advances the jihadist agenda and unnecessarily so.

The other meme given the lie is the one that Democrats are somehow more competent than Republicans to operate the machinery of government. I read this on Daily Kos over the last two years so many times as to induce nausea. The fact is that most of what occurs in government is the result the efforts of nameless, faceless bureaucrats like myself. The role of the either political party is to appoint the right people to lead and to induce change at the top necessary for improved performance. This is very difficult for either party to accomplish, because they are both very ideologically oriented and requires a deep understanding of management. Given the nature of our political system, the upshot is that government needs to be as small as possible, so that management attention can be brought to bear on the problems, like national security, that government is actually meant to solve.

However, as we watch the managerial incompetence of this administration be compared to the previous one, I will enjoy my measure of schadenfreude as the Democrats eat the crap sandwich they have made for themselves.


  1. At least you kept your sense of humor! Good post!

  2. Other than putting this guy on the forbidden list, I'm not sure what they could have done

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