Sunday, December 6, 2009

Notes from Today's Sermon: Marxism

Pastor Jim had a powerful message today based on the themes from Mary's song. Among the themes he touched on were that Jesus came for all people, but his message is especially resonates with the poor and outcast. He also took on the leftist argument that Christianity merely allows the poor to tolerate their condition, when in fact it calls all men to treat each other with love, the opposite of oppression. But Pastor's remarks are on Marxism are really quotable:

Marx is famously quoted as saying that religion is the opiate of the masses. But what is really true is that Marxism is the opiate of the so-called intellectual. It has been used to justify the slaughter of millions more than any other belief, all in the name of a system that has proved to be a profound failure.

For those intellectuals who think that the Marx quote is taken out of context, link here to show that he is explicitly calling out religion for being what later leftists would call a form of "false consciousness."

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