Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Quick Hitters

This administration seems hell bent on making our problems worse, every day. Some examples.

Headline from WaPo.

U.S. pushes for emissions cuts from China, developing nations.

As if that is really going to happen. India's announcement that they will slow emissions growth (different from actually cutting emissions) by 20%-25% is little more than status quo. China will just cheat. So America will suffer the job killing consequences of a demonstrably ineffective policy of cap and trade, which won't even cut CO2 emissions, much less impact the environment.

The EPA, as expected, ruled that CO2 is a harm to the environment. However, to make such a finding they must show that humans are being harmed. In the technical document a number of unproved assertions are made. I would love for this to go to court, where their data can be exposed. Here is a quote:

It is very likely that heat waves will become more intense, more frequent, and longer lasting in a future warm climate, whereas cold episodes are projected to decrease significantly.
Tell that to Dallas.

Meanwhile, Obama is calling for Stimulus III because the first two are working so well to keep down the unemployment rate. This recession is a recovery from asset bubbles due to government intervention in the economy. Until those are unwound and overall debt is reduced, businesses are not going to be able to bring the country out of economic doldrums. By continuing the failed policies of the past, only more so, Obama is making the economy worse. Further, small businesses are facing uncertainty over health care costs, cap and trade costs, potential continuation of Sarbanes-Oxley auditing, and the expiration of death tax relief. No wonder the economy isn't growing.


  1. The EPA will get in line behind NASA, the Smithsonian, MSM to shore up the AGW crowd. But get China to cut it's carbon footprint? I don't think so.

  2. 'Dawg,
    Agreed, even if they say they will, they will cheat like the lying Commie dogs they are.

  3. The EPA move is the biggest thing of all, bigger even than taking over GM and Ford. They can now control everything through the EPA.

  4. KT,
    I think the EPA move will ultimately die an ugly death in the courts, they will be sued, right and left, so to speak. Businesses will sue over the alleged science behind the ruling and the "finding of harm." Environmental groups will sue because the EPA has picked an arbitrary limit not embodied in law as the threshold for regulation.

  5. And in response to your comment, think about what you just said. Businesses are going to have to go to court, all the way to the Supreme Court and fight the notion that the air you exhale is a pollutant. In the meantime ...