Saturday, October 31, 2009

Update on New York 23 - Scozzafava Quits

H/T Hotair. The liberal Republican nominee in the New York 23rd congressional district has quit the race after sinking to a distant third in the polls. This is good news, because it makes it easier for the Conservative Party nominee, Doug Hoffman, to capture the seat. However, Hotair reports that Hoffman has high negatives among Scozzafava supporters, so it is not obvious that he will win. Regardless, this is a clear warning that Republican nominees need to be supporters of small government and can't be radically leftist on abortion.

Siena College poll here.


  1. Having the backing of true conservatives like Rush, Newt, and Sarah advances the conservative cause.

  2. Unfortunately, Newt initially endorsed Scozzafava.

  3. I stand corrected, Newt endorsed Hoffman SUBSEQUENT to Scozzie dropping out.

    Ashamed of Newt for the first time!