Friday, October 9, 2009

The Political Liability of Winning the Nobel Peace Prize

I have only my gut instinct to tell me that the Nobel prize will cost Obama credibility with the public; no data yet to back this up. My reasoning is that it brings all of the hero worship into sharp relief. It's as if the parody of the Miss America answering the question about her goals, "I want to win the Nobel Peace Prize," has become reality. But the sad fact is that we are embarrassed not for some poor young girl out of her league, but for the President of the United States.

That the Nobel committee felt the need to be Obama's chief booster actually makes him look weak, because everyone they too were voting for hope not substance. This will have unintended consequences for both the President and the Committee.

Coming on the heals of this SNL skit, it is either sad or hilarious, take your pick.


  1. This is a lot like what I thought. All this does is bring attention to the fact that he has accomplished nothing at all.

    A link is forthcoming.

  2. I'll tell what he's done! Scare the hell out of me!