Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Quote of the Week

Over at American Thinker, Publius Varius, writes about the Tea Party movement and its relationship to the Republican party thus:

It cannot be comforting for Republicans to look out at 100,000 plus people on the Washington mall, who should all be part of their natural constituency, booing any mention of their last presidential candidate and cheering speeches that proclaim their movement is not "Republican". This begs the question: "Why isn't it?

Because the Republicans under Bush became the party of big government and the Tea Partyers know one big thing, Big Government is the cause, not the cure, for our ills. When Republicans get that being the party of less government will allow them to build a winning coalition, then they will start winning.


  1. Foxfier linked to an analysis that put the number in the multihundreds of thousands. It was pretty convincing stuff.

  2. No matter the count, these people came of their own volition on their own dime and were impassioned. For every person that showed up there were scores at home who felt the same way. That the Republican party has alienated these people is a shame, because movements eventually need a political party to effect change.

  3. Lipstick Underground has a great post referencing our Republican leadership.

    "Didn’t anybody notice the collective “Hooray!” when Spector finally left the Republican Party?" was part of her post. I dont feel quite so alone anymore!