Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Creating a Climate of Fear

Dean has some great insight on the stimulus porkage over at BwD. One of his many great points is that the Democrats are doing exactly what they always accuse Republicans of, namely, creating a climate of fear. Meanwhile, Professor Perry, at Carpe Diem, has posted a number of articles showing how the recession is a) not as bad as portrayed in the media and b) will be over before stimulus can make it worse. (By the way, reading Carpe Diem every day is like taking a class in applied economics, I highly recommend it, especially in these uncertain times.)

Meanwhile, Democrat spokesperson below has a tough time defending the pork in this package.


  1. OMG... the woman is a tool.

    How dare anyone "coam" through the stimulus plan.

    ... and "fish barriers sounds like a 'dam' which we all saw from Hurricane Katrina needs a lot of help".

    That was simply amazing.

  2. Oh, and thanks for the link.

    You're right, Carpe Diem is a great read.