Thursday, February 12, 2009

Book Review: The Shack

I keep a list of books I've been reading or have read on the right side of the blog, but have never shared my thoughts on any of them. (I have not finished all of them, either.) Momma Daddy recently asked me about The Shack by William P. Young. I know this book was very popular but has by now "jumped the shark," but I wanted to add my voice to the commentary.

I found the book to be a compelling read. The events in affecting main character, Mack, are horrifying. It is the very nature of those events that makes his subsequent encounters with God all the more compelling. His questions for God are the tough questions we all have wanted to ask. The author doesn't always have God answer directly, which is very realistic, if you think of Job's conversations. Ultimately, this book served to remind me of some basic Christian truths. God loves us, he has a plan not just for us, but for the world, and we have a role to play in his plan.

There are some rumors that this is not a "Christian Book." I am certain this is not true. The mystery of the Trinity is captured as well as any human author can capture it. Accepting Jesus as both God and man are core to Christian belief, and Young does not stray from that view. I think the criticism comes from a couple of scenes that have a "new age" feel to them, but there is nothing in those scenes that fundamentally contradicts basic Christian truth.

For me personally, I was very uplifted by this book. It helped remind me of God's love and goodness, with which I personally struggle. In my view, the first sin occurred not when Eve bit into the fruit; but when she listened to the serpent and doubted God's goodness. It is important to our faith to remember that as well. To quote from the book, God is particularly fond of you.

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  1. I have to say that "The Shack" by William P. Young was a very thought provoking read.

    After reading the book, I was left pondering several things about it – which is a true testament to the book's worth. I had several questions on the validity of some of the descriptions of God but I had to humbly admit that there may be no answers this side of heaven for how God presents Himself to each individual.

    I posted a more in-depth review of this book on my own blog