Sunday, February 1, 2009

This Could be Illegal Updated Video

In Colorado at least, if that BBQ raised more than $200 for a political cause, such as a local ballot proposition. Sometimes the worst tyranny is local. Colorado has some of the most draconian campaign finance "reform" laws in the nation. Their main effect is to stifle the free expression of grass roots political organizations. We're also seeing their use in California to intimidate backers of Proposition 8, but that's a post for another day. Watch the video below to see how Becky Clark got sued for putting up yard signs to oppose a local annexation.

UPDATE - Dean pointed problems with the video, so I found code that worked.

H/T: Institute for Justice


  1. I had trouble at first, but reloaded and the video showed without so much as a blip. Thank you for this informative video. Keep 'em comin'! And Dean, hope you get to see it too. BTW, the Institute for Justice is fighting for our freedoms on many different fronts. I get updates from time to time.

  2. Remember those short films on Sesame Street that featured that grizzly-looking flannel-clad logger that popped around his property chopping wood?
    No? Well, that video reminded me of that.

    Anyway, great video. Americans behaving like Americans. Outstanding.

  3. CZ,
    Thanks for reading. I am with you on being a great organization.

    Thanks for keeping an eye on things.