Saturday, August 3, 2013

Why Recalling Filner Matters

Some Republicans have privately told me that they are sitting out the effort to recall Mayor Filner, saying it makes little difference to governing San Diego and that the GOP might be better off if Filner drags down Democrats.  I wholeheartedly disagree. Exhibit A is the July 30 ordinance requiring a "prevailing wage" for city contracts for public works and maintenance efforts.

As a taxpayer, I want to get the most out of each dollar that goes out on contract.  Since the "prevailing wage" law increases the cost to the city, how is this in my benefit?  It is not, and no amount of arguing about the "social benefits" of a "prevailing wage" will convince me otherwise.  As long as the unions call the shots, the cost of local government will go up until we can't afford any public services at all, see Detroit.  The left wing web site Media Matters took the U-T editorial board to task for saying the "prevailing wage" will only increase city costs by $13 million not the $26 million claimed.  When even the left acknowledges that costs will increase, you know this is a bad bargain for taxpayers.

Is there any doubt that this bill passed only because Bob Filner is mayor?  Is there any doubt that he will push organized labor's agenda at the expense of the taxpayer as long as he remains in office?  The "prevailing wage" law isn't grounds for recall, but it adds impetus to the effort because the mayor's actions have legitimately opened the door to such a campaign.


  1. It's nice to see you back, and I can scarcely believe there are San Diego Republicans who want Filner to stay in order to "drag down Democrats." That's really throwing the baby out with the bathwater. I can't wait for the recall and then the special election. Without the presence of Obama's electoral behemoth, we might even get a Republican mayor. Any serious prospective candidates yet? Too bad Carl DeMaio has moved on to a congressional race.

  2. Author, I'm one of those (R)s B-Daddy has kept in confidentiality, though, in my sitting this one out, it is not out of a desire to drag down the Democrats (an admirable collateral benefit, to be sure) but rather in disgust that this man was voted to the office of mayor of San Diego in the first place.

    I've been calling it my salute to the low information voter. Has anyone who has been paying attention to this guy over the years really not think he was a massively flaming douchebag of the highest order and thus not fit to serve as the mayor of our fine city?

    That's why the just-recent opposition to him by the likes of Donna Frye rang so hollow. Like, she didn't know? Child, please.

    You and B-Daddy make absolutely valid points but... Nope. Sorry. Call it tough love or taking the medicine or me just having a little temper tantrum over here in the corner but I want this one to sting.

    You voted for this creepy jerk, San Diego, now we all have to take a bite out this massive s**t sandwich. Enjoy.


  3. Dean, the trouble is, I'm not sure San Diegans are learning any lesson other than "Mustn't elect a sexual assailant." Outside of Republicans and the sole reporter Doug Curlee, I'm not hearing "This is what happens when you elect a Democrat," "this" being that you get not only an un-vetted, un-investigated, media-enabled sleazebag but harmful Democrat policies as well. I'm not sure that lesson is going to change even if he serves a full term; Democrats love the stuff he's doing outside of his sexual-assault-related activities.

    If he stays in for a full term, he'll not only waste our city treasure, he'll expand and entrench the special interests he's supporting now. Imagine after four years, trying to elect a responsible mayor who will take back Filner's handouts. We all know these things are harder to undo than they are to do.

    I say his sexual assault scandal is a gift. It's an opportunity for a do-over, and I'll repeat that an election in which Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama are not on the ballot might get more results more reflective of what San Diegans want. The sooner the city, the state, and the nation see what Republican governance can accomplish the better.

  4. get the scoundrels out no matter how we have to do it. Weather its Clinton about lying about sex or capone with tax evasion get the scoundrels out.

  5. get the scoundrels out no matter how we have to do it. Weather its Clinton about lying about sex or capone with tax evasion get the scoundrels out.