Tuesday, April 30, 2013

What You Should NOT Be Reading

I have been posting some links to interesting articles, but I wanted to warn you about wasting your time on certain subjects as well.

  • Obama's red line of death in the sand comments relating to possible, but maybe not, Syrian use of chemical weapons.  There is no sense beating up on the President's feckless approach to foreign policy.  There is precious little up side to any action in Syria, even if the regime is using chemical weapons.  It is probably in our interests for this civil war to be a stalemate for a long time, as it eats into resources of Iran and other players in the area.
  • Anything else Obama said at his press conference as his second term is essentially over.
  • Koch brothers take over of American newspaper outlets. If those fabulously rich conservatives want to waste their money on a dying industry and some fool lefties get tied in knots, precious little changes.
  • Breathless commentary from MSM types about gay basketball players coming out.  Most Americans are thinking, of course, since there are guys in every other walk of life.
What do I really care about? Immigration reform that really increases border security would be a nice start.  Work on a real budget that includes entitlement reform and tax simplification so that the economy can grow.

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  1. If only I had take this advice and skipped the president's post correspondence dinner victory lap. That lying teleprompter from hell. The only thing that can make him worse is a third term.