Monday, April 29, 2013

What You Should Be Reading

I am toying with the idea of an occasional round up of the best analysis and writing I find in the liberty movement and elsewhere.  This is my first foray.

KT Cat notes the explosive situation in Spain.  In my view, Europe is a crisis away from the EU collapsing, they have desperately staved off disaster to date, but for how long?

W.C. Varones notes that the FBI often gets the wrong guy in high profile cases and points with pride to predicting same.  He also sees gold as a buying opportunity.

The Economist notes all of the problems with Europe's Cap and Trade for carbon emissions, but then can't bring themselves to disavow this stupidity.  Meanwhile, shale gas has reduced U.S. CO2 emissions to early 1990s leves, faster than any cap and trade scheme.  (H/T Professor Perry)

George Will points to the historic tragedy of waiving constitutional rights by dissecting the fraud, suppression of evidence and outright lies that led to the Supreme Court upholding Japanese internment in Korematsu v United States, which decision reeks worse than Kelo v New London.

That's all for now.

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