Friday, March 22, 2013

Weekend Music Chill

I have been hearing Indie Folk on some of the rock stations and I also haven't done a covers edition in a while.  The Indie Folk genre seems evocative of the folk style of the fifties and sixties.  One of my favorite songs from that era is Pete Seeger and The Weavers's original rendition of Kisses Sweeter than Wine.

Here is the version popularized by Jimmy Rodgers, with Honeycomb tacked on to the end.

I think there is no contest here, the Weavers original is one of the great American songs of the 20th century. The wikipedia article on its origins is interesting.

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  1. I was hocking Pops records when I was young and this was a favorite of mine also.

    Love the Seeger Banjo, finally found a hillbilly church with an old time base and banjo. Mrs. Dawg always gives me the look.