Friday, March 22, 2013

Liberty Movement

Some time ago I asked about a new name for the tea party, since it had some branding problems. Some were self-inflicted, most were not. In the video below, Tom Woods, a Ron Paul supporter and author, uses the term "liberty movement" to describe what we are doing.  The term is not evocative of a political party, unlike "tea party." I think the use of "party" in "tea party" helped cement an association with the Republican party. Many of my fellow SLOBs would vehemently object to association with the GOP.  Here in San Diego, Republicans have numerous associations with crony capitalism, a favorite object of scorn and derision in our group.

If you think liberty movement better describes our efforts, I would like to hear your comments.  Much better than my original term "freedom coalition."


  1. I was rather fond of "the Freedom Coalition". It invoked a big tent mentality that was inclusive rather than exclusive.

    I agree that the "tea party" brand has been damaged more by external forces than internal wounding. Having said that, it may be time to move on.


  2. Constitutionalists. Grab it quick before the lefties do.