Friday, August 17, 2012

What If We Win? What If We Lose?

The President arouse a great deal of antipathy in his opponents because they believe his administration is subversive to their cherished ideals that trace their roots to the nation's founding. Beliefs in the fundamental supremacy of the rights enshrined in the constitution, the rule of law not Executive Order, in limited government and a respect for the rights of the people to not have their hard earned keep confiscated by unchecked government animate our opposition. Because our bedrock beliefs seem to be under such fierce assault by Obama, we are deeply passionate about his defeat. As a result we are so emotionally invested that we may not be thinking about what happens next.

If we win. We will rejoice exceedingly, and we should. But we will have elected a somewhat conservative Republican from Massachusetts with a checkered track record on our issues. Republicans are likely to retain a majority in the House, but control of the Senate will be dependent on undependable allies such as Olympia Snowe if there is control at all. Under such circumstances vigilance against backsliding with respect to solving our nation's ills will be the order of the day. The Republicans have shown that they are interested in nothing so much as their own re-election and have given us "No Child Left Behind," Medicare Part D and a leaky border the last time they were in charge. I don't trust them. A failure to repeal the ACA, especially through the mechanism of defunding if outright repeal is prevented in the Senate will be an egregious slap in the face of their tea party supporters. Continuing to run primary opponents against the worst offenders may be required.

If we lose. We will wail and gnash our teeth, as well we might, because the damage of a second Obama term may take two decades to unwind. But we will have to accept that educating the public will be the order of the day. When Obama's policies inevitably fail, and the math is looking bad, we will need to have built up the policy arguments and the bench to take the field in the next cycle. The American people will inevitably wake up. Having policies at the ready, along with a communications plan will serve us well. Further, we will need to hold the House Republican leadership accountable, because it will form the last line of defense to preventing the worst of the damage. I don't imagine that the Republicans will gain control of the Senate if Obama wins, but it is certainly possible. Preventing further damage and getting ready for the 2014 cycle will be necessary to save the country.

If its a tie? Don't give me a headache, but it goes to the House of Representatives who vote by state, which should easily result in a Republican win. A tie is as good as a win, in the electoral college math.

Bottom line: Regardless of the outcome, there will still be a lot of work to do.


  1. If we lose and the American people wake up on the wrong side of the bed - we move to Australia and watch 2015 America repeat the violent protests of 2011 Greece.

  2. KT, it will be bad, but it is never as bad as we think it will be.