Sunday, August 26, 2012

The Hour is Late - Nervousness about Romney

I once quoted Peggy Noonan as saying that the tea party knew what time it is, and it was later than most people think:

The second thing is the clock. Here is a great virtue of the tea party: They know what time it is. It's getting late. If we don't get the size and cost of government in line now, we won't be able to. We're teetering on the brink of some vast, dark new world—states and cities on the brink of bankruptcy, the federal government too. The issue isn't "big spending" anymore. It's ruinous spending that they fear will end America as we know it, as they promised it to their children.
Which brings me to the Republican nominee. There is no mistaking him for the tea party candidate, even if many in the tea party support him out of antipathy for Obama. But to date, he has done a poor job of defining who he is, and the Obama campaign has had some modest success defining him in a negative way. I have chaffed at his campaign for not immediately making the case for his candidacy and for not building the narrative of his life as soon as he clinched the nomination.

The good news is that the mountain of negativity has not made much of a dent. People are more sophisticated than to believe Harry Reid's McCarthyesque lies and Romney has been good at counterattacking. The selection of Paul Ryan was helpful as well. But Romney still hasn't made the case. In an environment where his opponent is trying to scare the public, he needs to do so. The hour is late.

Perhaps he has been waiting for the convention, but I am nervous. In 2008, Romney's ultimate failing was the failure to put together a credible narrative and companion policy prescriptions to set himself apart from the other candidates. I worry that he will try to do so now, as well; perhaps thinking that the public is fed up with the economy enough to dump Obama. I am here to say that they won't vote for someone who won't explain himself. They tried that it in 2008 and it didn't go well. Unfairly perhaps, the Republican candidate this year won't get away with some version of hope and change.

I will be looking anxiously to how Romney handles the convention to see where this is going. Right now, its not looking that great. Intrade has Obama at 55.6% to win. That he isn't higher is an indication of the President's weakness. That he is that high in the first place is an indication that Romney isn't making the case.


  1. Ron Paul is THE guy. It is hard for me to comprehend why people would support a bum and criminal like Romney when put next to the timeless wisdom, integrity and leadership of Ron Paul. Romney is at the table working hand in hand with a crime syndicate that is overthrowing our country right along side Obombya. Both Romney and Obombya take their marching orders from the banks and globalists who are destroying our sovereignty, our economic prosperity and actively distracting the people from the fact a police state is being built around with phony money they print and loan into existence. Ryan, Biden, Romney, Obombya, both Bushes and the Clintons all work to usurp our government and have actively handed the US military over to NATO and the UN all while the mindless zombies chat about some BS the TV filled into their head. The Federal Reserve Note is mathematically guaranteed to fail and this really simple fact seems hard for masses to fully comprehend. It appears Bdaddy is going to have these lite chats about politics while everyting crumbles around us. The Ron Paul revolution is not stopping until the treasonous bureacrats, bankers, politicians, and military industrial complex criminals are brought to justice and liberty and sound money restored. The economic problems we face now are only the tip of the iceberg and it is now time for serious action on every front. Whether you believe it or not these criminals have overthrown our government and you will see the collapse happen right before your very eyes unless all of us snap out of TV induced trance and realize that we are under attack. Indefinite Detentions, Presidential Assassinations, Mass Murder in the name of undeclared wars, pedophelia former mcdonalds workers putting their hands on us at the airports, checkpoints across the country, veterans dissapearing into "mental institutions", cops murdering people on the streets, a private banks debt note providing perpetual and unpayable debt while the interest goes to the private foreign owners of the unlawful tender, reeducation camps built and now being brought online, prisons filled with prisoners convicted of "crimes" with no accusers and no victims, US SECDEF stating in congress that US military takes orders from the UN and NATO NOT the US Congress, Drones spying and tracking americans, Americans arrested and beaten for not having their papers, undeclared wars being committed all over the world, poison chemicals being put into our water, RNC changing the rules to cheat delegates out of the seats, electronic voting machines stealing our elections, Feds supply guns to mexican drug cartels and assisting them in laundering drug money, forced "healthcare" and on and on...

    Really Bdaddy, how much crime, treason and usurpations does it take for you to realize that we are under attack by fascists who want to enslave and kill us? Are we really going to sit here and discuss this mindlessness while we are under attack?? How much abuses is it going to take before we realize that we are going to have to become the most sophisticated intelligence gathering force and strategic operatives in the world if we are going to survive this. We should be discussing which ankers are going to be brought to justice and how or possibly if We the People should issue a US declaration of War on the Bank of International settlements, the IMF and the World Bank. When are the grown ups in the room going to show up???

  2. The "right" has always had the problem of not using the ammunition provided by their opponant in a quick, efficient commercial manner. Pac money should be spent defining Obama by the promises broken to the left. The ammo depot for us so so huge and easy to access. Sure he needs to define himself, but let's not be afraid to define our opponant. The "Evil Empire" must be defeated