Monday, January 9, 2012

Political Priorities for 2012 - One SD tea party perspective

My day job has become very challenging lately, and may continue to cause light blogging. When I have little time, it concentrates my mind on what is both important and within my sphere of influence. For example, I love following Presidential politics, but as a Californian I am going to little influence on neither the Republican nominating process nor the electoral vote totals. Here are my priorities for this year and how I am feeling.
  1. Defeating Governor Jerry Brown's proposed tax increases; highly confident. Getting his execrable budget killed; not so much.
  2. Getting pension reform passed in San Diego; highly confident.
  3. Getting Carl DeMaio elected Mayor of San Diego; optimistic.*
  4. Reaching out to left, right and center on entitlement reform and ending crony capitalism; cautiously optimistic.**

* The Southern California Tax Revolt Coalition does not endorse candidates, so this is a personal endorsement.
** Kelly, a liberal commenter, comments on why this is important in the comments section on my Saturday post about Rhode Island's Democrat led pension reform.

I hope for a groundswell of support for these goals.

Dang, I can't resist, here is one reason I can't stand Santorum (H/T Temple of Mut):


  1. As an individual I agree with EVERYTHING you just said up there

  2. I dunno, it didn't sound so bad to me. Earmarks aren't the problem. It's entitlements.