Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Is This Still the GOP?

While not particularly a fan of Mitt Romney, the attacks based on his role at Bain Capital made me wonder which party I joined in 2008. Bain didn't take TARP or any other bail out that I'm aware of, but took over failing companies, in many cases turning them around, in others, liquidating them. Republicans candidates are attacking him over this? Do we really believe in free markets? Ron Paul had it right:
Paul said his GOP rivals former House Speaker Newt Gingrich and Gov. Rick Perry (Texas) sounded “like Democrats” in blasting Romney’s record with the company.

“I think it’s a big distraction,” Paul said. “And they’re picking up on this and those who are condemning him for it, I think, are arguing like Democrats.

“You know, they come in and say, look, restructuring in the free market is a good idea, and I don’t know anything about Bain, so I’m not taking a position on that, and I haven’t looked at it and I have no idea what he did or didn’t do, but the principle of restructuring is a good thing in the marketplace,” he said.
Here's the audio, skip forward to 3:55.


  1. Sadly, this is the GOP today. It's called no principles and they are simply following their 20-plus-year track record.

  2. There's a coherent argument that some of these companies that Romney and company were managed in bad faith, rather than in the interest of their shareholders as required by law.

  3. LCR, but I had to throw in my lot with someone and the Libertarians were ineffective.

    Cali, That may be true, but that's not the argument the other Republicans were making. That would not have been a populist argument that would win votes, hence, my judgement of their moral vacuousness.

  4. Actually this may be more of a reflection on Newt than anyone else. The Newt's needs trump everyone elses.

  5. I see these attacks on Romney backfiring