Saturday, December 10, 2011

A Quick Note on Newt Gingrich's Palestinian People Comment

Newt Gingrich's comments below brought him controversy and attacks from the Palestinians themselves as well as other Republican candidates.

That his remarks are accurate doesn't appear relevant to those criticizing him. A succinct history of the term, Palestinian, makes that clear. However, I think that a people are who they decide to be, for reasons good and otherwise. One might believe that the Arabic peoples who are descendants of settlers of the territory that is now Israel could have made other choices about their national identity. They did not and that is now a fact that must be dealt with. There was no American people until after the revolutionary war. The main allegiance of people was to their state and not the United States as a whole initially. This is evidenced by the fact that prior to the Civil War, sentences might be constructed that begin "The United States are. . ." whereas after the war, the usage changed to "The United States is. . ." I believe wholeheartedly in the invented people know as Americans.

Gingrich's comments show that he can't resist showing off; trying to impress his interviewer with just how smart he is on a subject clearly of interest to that audience. Rather than thinking clearly how he might use the opportunity to further the interests of the United States, especially in the event that he becomes President, Gingrich veers into immaturity with a true but irrelevant comment sure to ignite controversy.

In my view, Obama suffers from the same malaise of short-sighted and egotistical behavior, but just isn't near as smart as Gingrich. We don't need an immature conservative President. Regardless, I am hoping for Newt to clean up his act, and show that he can act Presidential. I'm not supporting him, but if he is the nominee, I want him to be in a position to beat Obama.

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  1. Thanks to public records, we can read some cliffnotes from The Grand Professor

    With a notionally mature adult who sees himself as an 'arouser of those who form civilization' I just have to wonder, B-daddy, what your party is getting itself into