Friday, December 16, 2011

Mark Meckler Arrest in New York

Mark Meckler, head of the Tea Party Patriots, was arrested at New York City's La Guardia airport, after declaring that he was carrying an unloaded firearm, following TSA regulations for so reporting. He was arrested for his troubles. SarahB at Lipstick Underground has the details. Bottom line, federal law protects his transport, as he has a permit for concealed carry. New York City merely wants to harass travelers because of their animus against the Second Amendment. They will lose this court case, but all people will remember are the headlines that some tea party dude brought a firearm to the airport.

Podcast below that gives a full explanation.

KOGO Podcast


  1. Beautifully concise summary of the issue! Channeling Christopher Hitchens today? Thank you for spreading the word.

  2. Isn't this completely separate of NYC politics. It's a TSA rule, which is federal. It's true of every airport.

  3. Ok, I should have read the link first. Ya,it definitely sounds like intimidation.