Sunday, August 8, 2010

Programming Notes

My thanks go out to Dean for guest blogging while we vacationed in Australia. We had a great family vacation; our Australian relations are great hosts and truly loving and lovely people. Whatever my complaints might be about Australian politics, both Mrs. Daddy's family and others we met in our travels were and are great people.

I intend to return to daily blogging once I get caught up on politics. We had limited internet and little telly, except for some AFL, (go Magpies!) so I have really had a vacation from the U.S. and politics, not just my work.

The first thing I noted was some good news from the states of Virginia and Missouri on the Obamacare front that is showing the deep unpopularity of the bill and its serious constitutional flaws. Maybe the people are waking up to the growth of government as a threat to liberty. Missouri's challenge is especially clever because no matter the court outcome, we have a vote on the record that 70% of one state's electorate is troubled by the bill. My props to W.C. for covering the local doctors' protest against Obamacare.

It was more distressing to read Dean's post about a federal judge overturning Proposition 8, see below. I agree with Dean in its entirety. I would add that the next thing you will see is politically correct speech will seek a ban on the terms husband and wife. (Indeed, this happened briefly in San Diego.) I think that gays should be allowed to enter into personal relationships and contracts on an equal basis with straight couples. But I retain the right to not recognize those relationships as marriages. In a gay marriage, is there a husband or a wife? If not, why do I have to call it marriage. I have free speech rights as well.

If you are reading this, thanks for checking in regularly, I hope to reward you with some quality blogging.

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