Thursday, August 12, 2010

Civil Rights and the Proposition 8 Ruling

Dean eloquently opined earlier about the thugish nature of the ruling against Proposition 8. In today's Wall Street Journal there is an article so eloquent regarding the ruling that I am tempted to quote it in its entirety. Here is brave Joyce Show of La PiƱata in the WSJ Letters to the Editor:

Proposition 8 is not about gay civil rights. By California law we already have freedom of sexual preference.
What Proposition 8 protects is freedom of choice to not only believe that homosexual unions are morally wrong, but to act on that belief without being accused of and legally liable for discrimination.
On Sept. 15, 2008, a California court ruled against two doctors who refused, because of their religious beliefs, to artificially inseminate a lesbian woman, although they had made an appropriate medical referral to other providers without these conflicts of conscience.
Given the the hateful manner in which radical gays target proponents of Proposition 8, we wish Joyce well. Exit question: Why is tolerance only extended to some groups? Muslims can have their mosque, but a gay muslim bar next door is provocative. We must call homosexuals unions a marriage (but not between husband and wife) but a Christian sense of morality is somehow hateful. Democrats can wish Sarah Palin dead and not be labeled misogynist, but political criticism of Obama is racist. I'm just asking.


  1. Check out the folks who signed on to the "everything but marriage" counter-thing up here in Washington.

    Yeah, nuff said.

  2. I think Wanda is really a cross-dresser.