Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Old Time Lefty Religion?

Did I mention we're going to put evil insurance companies out of business?

The media seems to think that Obama's Labor Day speech presaged a move to the left on Health Care in Wednesday's speech to the Congress. I tend to agree. Meanwhile, Drudge is linking to an ABC report that Nancy and Harry think they have the votes to pass "something." Supposedly, they are urging the President to set a deadline. I presume this is so the votes won't leak out. But I think if the President lurches left to secure the base, those votes leak away anyway. The basic dynamic has not changed. The left, especially in the House, wants the public option. In the Senate, the public option seems the biggest obstacle to passing some sort of legislation.

In a move I am sure will win no friends for the President, Max Baucus is proposing fines of $3800 per family for a failure to buy health insurance. How outrageous and unconstitutional! To be fined just because you are alive and don't want a product? If this fine passes and isn't overturned, I might lose faith in our checks and balances. The AP article says it would be like a fine for not having auto insurance. Big difference; I have the option to not drive. I don't have the option of not breathing. Oh that's right, if I'm old enough, they'll make that decision for me as well.

IRS Agents:
Enforcing Health Care Choice.


  1. That the AP tried to compare mandatory health insurance with auto insurance is proof positive of just how retarded they are.