Friday, January 2, 2009

Not so Golden Memories

...but far more faulty to be sure.

Dean here. Hey gang, guess who turns 50 this year? Think history and specifically Western Hemisphere geopolitics. If you guessed the Left’s and the West’s favorite communist revolution that took place in Cuba 50 years ago this week you would be absolutely correct. And just like the inevitable march of time tends to gloss over some of the finer details of the past, you will find no greater example of convenient forgetfulness than that of Castro’s Cuba.

In fact, the extent to which rationalizations are tortured and facts twisted, you would think the many useful idiots living here on the right side of history would find themselves in the hospital. No such luck though as the shameless whitewashing of the dire consequences of totalitarianism basks in its golden anniversary.

From the get-go a mass grave of more than a hundred men and boys that had been machine-gunned on orders of brother Raoul and which was being bull-dozed a day after Castro promised the nation he would “solve all of Cuba’s problems without spilling a drop of blood” was certainly the cue for the U.K. Observer to note: "Mr Castro's bearded, youthful figure has become a symbol of Latin America's rejection of brutality and lying. Every sign is that he will reject personal rule and violence."

Ah, Fidel. Ever the revolutionary and symbol of social justice for .edu-guy and middle class mall rats across the nation.

It stands as monument to idiocy and callousness that despite the intervention of facts (the dramatic rise in infant mortality post-Revolution despite Cuba’s current universal health care, the rise in prostitution on the island post-Revolution despite Havanna breaking free from the decadent West, the highest abortion rate of the Western Hemisphere as well as the highest suicide rate in the W.H. which is also 3 times what it was during the dreadfully corrupt Batista regime), Fidel, Raoul and of course Che’ are held in such high regard by people who should absolutely know better.

It is our sincere hope that the people of Cuba will live to see the demise of this dehumanizing and spirit-crushing system of governance that will be moved ever more swiftly along by an also hoped-for speedy demise of their leader and his brother.

H/T: American Thinker

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  1. Dean,
    Thanks for the post. Castro's regime certainly falls into the categories of both tyranny and injustice that this blog is dedicated to fighting.