Thursday, January 22, 2009

It's Official: Republicans More Responsible Administrators

From this week's Economist:

The outgoing president has done an admirable job of smoothing the transition. Mr Bush’s staff have done all they can to brief and assist the new people, for example by quickly giving 1,000 members of the Obama team clearance to look at sensitive information. Mindful that terrorists like to strike when their enemies are unprepared, incoming and outgoing aides and cabinet members met at the White House this week to rehearse their response to a hypothetical terrorist attack. The Bushites’ co-operativeness contrasts with the childish behaviour of some Clintonites in 2001, who vandalised White House offices as they packed up to leave.

That's right, when it comes to responsible behavior in turning over the executive branch, the previous Administration has it all over the previous Democrat one. This, despite the mantra at DailyKos that Democrats are somehow more competent.

Congratulations to the former President and his chief of staff, Joshua Bolten, for putting the good of the nation as their first priority during the transition period.

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