Thursday, April 14, 2011

Pat Buchanan Nails It

In an article entitled Obama Blows Up the Bridge, Pat Buchanan nails the many reasons for deep seated antipathy to the President's speech on the budget.
"Rather than building bridges, he's poisoning wells," said Rep. Paul Ryan, after listening to Barack Obama's scathing attack on his deficit-reduction plan as a shredding of America's social contract with the elderly and poor.

Ryan is right. Yet, with Obama's partisan savagery, virtually calling the GOP plan immoral, we have clarity.

There will be no grand bipartisan bargain on taxes and spending.

The two parties on Capitol Hill and the president will not be coming together to solve the gravest financial and fiscal crisis America has faced since the Great Depression. Between them today is a high wall and a deep ditch.

The heart of the Ryan plan is to turn Medicaid into block grants to the states, so each can decide for itself how best to use the funds, and to convert Medicare into a program where the U.S. government would provide citizens with the funds and freedom to chose whatever health insurance they wished to buy.

Obama denounced both.
There you have it, the President shows not a shred of Clinton's triangulation. Say what you will about the forty-second President, his triangulation produced welfare reform, an historic free trade agreement and balanced budgets. Obama has yet to get significant Republican support for a single initiative. He lacks serious purpose and is unable to recognize that his positions took a beating in November. Further success will elude him.


  1. Say what you will about the forty-second President

    Not in polite company.

    How about this: Obama is worse.

    Good enough?

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  3. Foxfier,
    I always have said that Bill Clinton got a bad rap from conservatives. He was as good a Democrat president as we could have expected. His signature achievements are conservative ones, as mentioned.

  4. Not from the POV of those who lost their land and livelihood because of the EPA strengthening and open abuses.

  5. I think we tend to take the better over the worse. There were many whose lives President Bush lessened also. We want to romanticize Reagan, but he brought a poorly though out amnesty giving momentum to our illegal immigration policy of today.

    Anyway, I do enjoy Buchanan. He often nails it.

  6. Dawg! Don't pull that blankin' "well, those guys aren't perfect, either" stuff. I get enough of that from the brain dead libs I have to deal with!
    (If one more person makes an equivalency argument between their pet and my child....)

  7. Foxfier, please stop holding back. Let us know how you really feel.

  8. Tu quoque is incredibly annoying, very popular, and generally a used to derail the subject. It's also tactic #1 for trolls recently, both the fleshly ones and the internet ones.

    Believe me, this is holding back.