Friday, April 1, 2011

Weekend Music Chill

Convinced the family to go all baby-boomer with me this week; so we watched The Big Chill. There's a line in the movie where they question what all of the protests of the 60s were really about. The Glen Close character says "I hate to think it was all" My answer, is that, in fact, it was. Too bad. I really liked the movie, because ultimately these people make their peace with modernity. Yeah, there was some stupidity as well, like the husband sharing. But overall, I think the movie exposes the baby boomers for who they were, while showing that they had made peace with capitalist, consumerist America, which I consider a good thing. I consider it very much a "feel good" movie.

Anyway, some decent tunes came off the sound track, here are two:


  1. Sorry. Worst movie of all-time. Completely unlikeable and irredeemable characters.

    Maybe if Barbara Hershey replaced that one horse-faced chick it might've elevated itself off the bottom rung.

    One giant exercise in whining, navel-gazing and douche-baggery.

    Oh... and they all went to Michigan. Perfect.

  2. Dean, don't hold back. I understand the loathing, but I guess I take too much pleasure from the fact that it puts to bed the whole notion that there was anything real about the 60's campus activism.

  3. I haven't seen that movie since I was too young to appreciate it.

    Was the horse-face chick Sigourney Weaver?

    But I hope the 60's weren't all a farce. Though their prescriptions were misguided, they had some legitimate grievances: military empire building, civil rights, personal freedoms. Sure there were a lot of bandwagoners, but there were true believers too.

  4. All I remember is blah blah blah, but what a great soundtrack.

  5. Say what you will but the music is worth suffering through the movie. Smokey, yeah!!