Thursday, September 2, 2010

Quick Hitters

Since World War II, we have had socialized medicine, primarily funded by employers, but increasingly by government. To solve our health care woes, we need to wean ourselves from third party payer and get the patients' economic interests aligned with their health interests. This thought prompted by the more reports of increasing health insurance costs.

It has been widely reported that Bjorn Lomborg, noted global warming skeptic, has changed his mind and is now saying that global warming is a problem. That is false, he has always said that global warming is a problem, but so is hunger, high infant mortality, and the recession. His view shows that the real issues around are technological and economic and that appeals to SCIENCE by the left are naked grabs for power. He proposes relatively modest measures at

Last weekend I went to the convocation for incoming freshmen at SDSU that was overall fairly reasonable, but had this bit of indoctrination: a pledge to work for "social justice." To help those freshmen to stay free of the stench of socialism, the most failed ideology in the history of mankind, I offer the following. Social justice means:
  • People should retain the fruits of their labor, it is theirs by right.
  • Agreements reached in good faith are honored under law.
  • The poor are not denied the right to work in their chosen occupation by restrictive licensing laws.
  • We will judge all persons on the content of one's character, not the color of one's skin.
New commenter Shane Atwell rightfully excoriates Big Business for its lack of devotion to free markets, indeed a dogged willingness to become socialist hacks to preserve its position. He also takes on the Republican party for failing to fully defend liberty and just not getting it. Interestingly, Michael Barone captures these sentiments as well with an aptly titled article Down with Big Government, Big Business, Big Labor. Dang, that could be a Tea Party motto, it is the evil triumvirate of the ruling class.

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  1. Don't you think that social justice will be redefined out of necessity when unemployment lingers at 10% and we start defaulting on bonds?