Sunday, June 18, 2017

Father's Day Love

As a Bible following Christian, I am often confronted with accusations of hate, along with accusing questions along the lines of what would you do if your child ______________? Father's Day is a great day to answer with the love God grants me through Jesus Christ.  I have two adult sons, and both my wife and made their upbringing our number one purpose.  Our love them is well-known and shown, so I have skin in the game to discuss this topic.  So on to the accusations.

What if your son came out as gay? I would still love him of course.  Further, I would have good advice for him, remain celibate.  This advice is given out of my love. The gay promiscuous lifestyle isn't known for its contribution to mental stability.  Gays are stereotyped for a reason.  If you are truly only attracted to other men, God calls you to good works in his kingdom through celibacy. The bible makes clear that it can be a special gift.  And I love you.

What if you had a daughter who was being slut-shamed? My answer would be to save sexual relations for your marriage.  I say this out of love; because the depth of love you have for your husband will be enhanced and special beyond your wildest imaginings if he is your only lover.  And if it is too late for that, you will still be much happier if you don't keep giving away your sexual favors to uncommitted partners.  The science is on my side.

What if one of your sons or daughters were overweight; isn't your fat-shaming hateful? Of course not.  The links between obesity and poor health is well established.  Further, if gluttony is the cause, it means you are neglectling God.  There is a reason it is traditionally considered a sin. His desire for relationship with all of us is the ultimate source of love.

What if your son said he was converting to Islam?  I would say that the Lord has said you will have no other gods but him.  Jesus said you can judge false prophets by their fruit. What is the fruit of Islam but violence, undemocratic societies, and cousin marriage?  Out of love, to prevent your perpetual unhappiness and frustration, abandon the false god Allah.

Proverbs 22:6 says to train up a child in the way he should go, and when is old, he will not depart from it.  To me, this means to understand your child, his or her unique talents and desires, as well as God's plans and to learn the way they should go.  Certainly, a big part of their way should be guided by relationship with the Lord.  Another big part is to inculcate in them a sense of their purpose in God's Kingdom. What else gives them adequate purpose to live their lives?

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