Thursday, May 5, 2016

Libertarian Thought Experiment

Imagine if you will, that libertarians have taken over a state and seceded from the United States.  Libertarians ideals are fully implemented. There is no minimum wage for example, and libertarians from the rest of the United States have migrated there.  How long would this last?

I ask this because libertarians are among those on the right who call for open borders.  The practical effect of an initially successful libertarian state would be an initial economic success that would attract those without skills to work at wages that are illegal in the U.S.  How long before the libertarian businessmen of Libertopia were making fat profits selling goods produced with low cost labor back into the U.S.? How long before Libertopia is overrun with migrants from cultures who don't value limited government?  How long before they have the votes to end libertarianism and vote themselves minimum wage hikes, benefits and extended unemployment benefits?

The fact is that generally, throughout history, only a few cultures have been in favor of limited government with separation of powers, such as the United States has had.  Further, those cultures have concentrated in Europe.  There is good evidence that some of this predisposition is heritable. Unlimited immigration from the Middle East, Africa and Latin America means bringing voters to America who don't value limited government and separation of powers as well as other rights, like freedom of speech.  Those of us who support a political system inherited from England will get out-voted by increased immigration.

The conundrum for my libertarian friends is that strict libertarianism destroys libertarian society.


  1. If we didn't have open borders we never could have gone to the State. Shouls we build walls around each state? Each county? Each city? Each house? Brazil has walls and electric fences around every house and the country is a criminal infested cesspool.

    Crime and the lack of justice in the US is the problem. Minimum wage is there because of the unlawful depreciating fraudulent debt note tender be forced upon us by criminals claiming to be 'government'. The US is rapidly declining but all you intellectually bankrupted morons who have destroyed and continue to destroying us with your lawlessness somehow believe you know who to 'fix' this mess with more of your failed lawless opinions. The only thing that needs to happen is the law needs to be applied as written to the applicable parties- those in the capacity of government. If we upheld the coinage act of 1792 then everyone working for the 'government' would be given the death penalty for debasing the tender. If the 'government' tyrants were lawfully put to death then they wouldn't be able to destroy our prosperity any more. But upholding the law is the furthest option for all those lawless idiots with 'solutions' that will 'fix'. It is going to be a sad state of affairs watching the acceleration of the decline with Trump's mercantilism. We are going to witness the quality of every single product decline rapidly while prices soar and wages stagnate while the unlawful tender continues to slide in value. But dont worry there will be a giant wall to keep everyone in the cesspool and papers for everyone to make sure you are a certified slave to the corrupt criminal STATE.

    1. Anon, your overwrought response is a tell for cognitive dissonance, so please address my thesis. The degrading of the constitution that you decry is the result of importing persons from cultures that have do not value the rule of law and limited government. These political tendencies are heritable. Opening the borders weakens support for constitutional limited government.

    2. I only know maybe 4 native born Americans, out of over 10,000 Americans whom I have gotten to know, who even know what the common law is. Do you blame foreigners for such ignorance of our law by native born Americans? Do you blame foreigners for every 'judge' in America committing death penalty offenses of violating the tender law while judging people, and sending them to prison, in a 'case' whom have no accusers and whom have no allegations of actual injury thus no valid cause of action for a case to be heard in a court of law? The 'judges' in America are not honorable they are criminals of the highest order yet very few native born Americans even know of their on-going criminal acts; how can you blame foreigners for such open air lawlessness and criminal activity without complaint, only compliance, from Americans? How can you blame foreigners when the Constitution binds those who take the oath to abide by the terms of the Constitution which REQUIRES gold and silver as tender, REQUIRES a jury indictment for EVERY criminal prosecution and is rooted in common law that REQUIRES allegations of actual injury by an accuser whom will face those whom they accuse in a court of law in order to grant jurisdiction for that action to that court? Those who bound themselves to uphold those laws are not upholding those laws they bound themselves to and you and other Americans do not even speak of such lawless atrocities and ignorance of law by NATURAL BORN CITIZENS!

      My response is not overwrought, you sir, are just as lawless as the foreigners and know nothing of our law or our culture. You are as much to blame as the foreigners maybe even more so because you actually did take the oath to our law for government but failed to uphold it because you ignored the law but would gladly accept the unlawful tender as payment in the debt for your time that was allocated to upholding those lawful bounds of proper tender among other bounds.

      Look in the mirror. The ones who participate in this lawless 'government'of war and tyranny on all that is good, without justice, are the ones who bare responsibility for its failure- those who work for it, contract with it, comply with its criminality specifically and generally. You just need someone else to blame for YOUR failures hence blaming foreigners. American judges, prosecutors cops and bureaucrats have performed over a million times the injury upon me, my family and friends than any foreigners have. The psychopaths who claim to be 'government authority' are single largest threat to the security and safety to every one on Earth. It just so happens that every AMERICAN government is committing death penalty offenses on the tender laws RIGHT NOW which means our juries can lawfully issue every single one of them the death penalty RIGHT NOW. We will know America has returned to a lawful status when this comes to pass, if this doesn't happen then America will be rorn to shreds via the collapse of the fraudulent tender. Such a collapse will be the final divine justice levied for not upholding the law and the foreigners will simply be one aspect of the wrath issued within divine judgement upon us for our lawlessness. If you are lawless then you get lawlessness, this is how law works and it is as sure as gravity never ceasing its exertion upon mass.

  2. The problem is not the open borders; it's the welfare state.

    For the first 100+ years the US had essentially open borders for those who wanted to come here, work hard, and make a life. It worked great.

    Now the combination of open borders and an exceedingly generous welfare state brings in people who cost society more than they contribute.

  3. So the cycle continues. Is it not still worthwhile?

  4. I just read this and thought you would find it interesting.