Friday, August 7, 2015

My Not Very Sober Take on the #GOPDebate

Watched all of the #GOPDebate and drunk tweeted on my @BDaddyLiberator account. I wasn't going to, because, as I told Mrs. Daddy, it's just entertainment.  Her response was that it was the best entertainment we had available last night.  Sadly, she was right.

My take in brief:

1. The Donald followed Steve Sailer's advice and went all in for the white male vote.
2. Rubio impressed, surprisingly.  It is an important point he made that Mexico is not the prime source of illegals.  But he failed to leap to the easy solution, pay Mexico to keep Hondurans, Salvadorans and Nicaraguans out of our country.
3. I disagree with friends about Jeb Bush who thought he looked good; he looks like way too try-hardy, or as @Warden_AoS said, born with a silver stick up his ass. Plus, Bush has Wall Street connections, so eff him.  To be fair so does Billary, but eff them too.
4. Everybody missed a really important point from Christy (whom I loathe) about social security; the promises to seniors have already been broken; its just a matter of when that bill comes due.
5. Walker did himself no favors and he is my favorite, with Perry right behind.
6. No matter how good Fiorina, Carson or Trump look, President of the United States is not an entry level political position.

Finally, does anyone really believe that election of a Republican President will make one iota's difference with respect to our immigration mess?

What You Should Be Reading:

  • Mark Steyn, again, because he stipulates that love of country may trump devotion to the GOP.
  • Dalrock gives some advice on fighting the abortion argument.
  • WC Varones takes on Fiorina's business record at HP.  

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