Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Questions for the Mayoral Debate

This is a bit of a re-run of a previous post, but with all the focus and hoopla on filthy-Filner and the who's in and who's out of the campaign, we have lost sight of the fact that America's Finest City still has challenges.

Here is an update on what I would ask the mayoral candidates in a debate.

  • Will you wholeheartedly support the pension reforms of Proposition B, including working with the City Attorney to vigorously defend the measure in court?  Explain your next steps to implement these reforms.
  • What actions will you take to reduce employee pension costs if Proposition B is overturned by the courts.
  • Will you push managed competition to reduce the cost of city services?  What would be the next services that should be competed?
  • Name at least one city program that consumes over 1% of the city budget that you would eliminate.
  • What will you do to normalize the legal status of marijuana dispensaries.
  • What is your position on the on the 2% Hotel Tax that funds the Tourism Management District?
Who is going to have the guts to ask tough debate questions like these?

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