Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Filner WILL Resign - Some Questions for the Next Mayor

There is no doubt that Bob Filner is on his way out as Mayor.  I predicted he might not make it, but this is fast.  Today both the U-T and KPBS reported that prominent Democrats, including Donna Frye, are urging the mayor to resign over sexual harassment allegations.  There is also the little matter of an FBI investigation into a pay-to-play scandal involving Sunroad Centrum's project in Kearney Mesa.

Fading away? Probably not, but it will be ugly.

Richard Rider provides a nice summary on Twitter:
Meanwhile, let's start thinking about the issues that we want the new mayor to address. My debate questions follow:
  1. Will the candidate wholeheartedly support the pension reforms of Proposition B, including working with the City Attorney to vigorously defend the measure in court?  Explain your next steps to implement these reforms in order to save taxpayer dollars.
  2.  Will you push managed competition to reduce the cost of city services?  What would be the next of services that should be put in play?
  3. Name at least one city program that consumes over 1% of the city budget that you would eliminate.
  4. What will you do to normalize the legal status of marijuana dispensaries.
What other debate topics do we have?

With regards to the horse race aspect of the race, I see Kevin Faulconer and Nathan Fletcher as early front runners. If Faulconer wins, does that cause a daisy chain effect, with Lorie Zapf vacating her current District 6 seat to run in her home District 2?  If she won, who are the front runners in District 2?  (Like Zapf, I was redistricted from CD-6 to CD-2 when the number of council seats expanded.)  Local politicos are certainly plotting their next moves.

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1 comment:

  1. Filner is such a slimebag.

    About two weeks ago, my wife attended a work related event of which I did not attend. Mayor Filner was there to give a speech.

    Before his speech Filner would not leave her alone. After his speech he went right back to bothering her. It got so bad people started taking pictures and it became a big joke in our family.

    Filner is friends with her boss, so she had to be professional and polite. It sounds like that is his MO.

    We have pictures of the whole thing and I am really tempted to publish "Filner Harasses Tea Party Blogger's Wife."