Sunday, May 12, 2013

What You Should Be Reading - College Grads and Jobs

With the U.S. still not increasing the percentage of those employed, today's reading is about jobs and college graduates.

First, the graph above represents the percent of people employed vs the total population.  Notice how well it's doing during this "recovery," statistically unchanged since it bottomed out during Obama's first term.  If you think its bad news that the percentage of people with jobs never recovered, you're right.  On to some insight on the current situation for college grads.

Kirk McDonald, President of an Ad Tech company in Manhattan, explains why he isn't hiring you, if you are a recent U.S. college grad.

Even CNBC pounces on colleges' failure to disclose how well they prepare graduates for the job market.  If you can't read the full article, here is the money quote:
Indeed, the McKinsey study found that a disturbing one-third of graduates "did not feel college prepared them well for employment."
Leslie Eastman, at College Insurrection, wonders who will take the blame for these grads not getting jobs. 

A repeat, but Walter Russell Mead explains why there will be structural shifts in employment in the coming decade.  This has implications for college grads.  Hint: Don't major in an area that can be outsourced or performed by computers. 

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