Sunday, February 17, 2013

Obama's Dilemma on Keystone XL . . . As If

The New York Times would have us believe that the President faces a tough choice on the Keystone XL pipeline project.  The only tough choice he faces are which lies he will trot out to justify betraying American workers who would benefit from the project.  The Greenies were in full throated protest today over the impending decision, even though the outcome is not in doubt.  The original pipeline was rejected because of some not believable nonsense about protecting Nebraska grasslands.  Those objections have been set aside with a new plan that has received approval from the governor of Nebraska.  But the left has made clear all along that their objection is linked to global warming, not any harm the pipeline might cause grasslands.

All that is left now is to see how Obama hides the fact that his administration's agenda is driven entirely by the pseudo-religious agenda of the left.  The oil trapped in the tar sands of Alberta is going to find its way to market, no matter what the administration does.  The only question is whether Americans get jobs as a result or not.  The President recently announced his sixth pivot to jobs and the economy; he will abandon this pivot in record time as soon as the Keystone decision is announced.  There are unions who are in favor of the pipeline, but that won't matter.  Obama is dedicate to the farthest left of his base.

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