Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Some Good News Today

And I am not talking about Ted Cruz' victory in the Texas Senate primary. Even though I am happy to hear of Mr. Cruz' victory and his conservative bona fides.

In Georgia, a one cent sales tax for "transportation infrastructure" went down to defeat.
Metro Atlanta voters have rejected a penny sales tax referendum that would have helped pay for billions in transportation projects over the next decade, according to unofficial returns
. . .
The referendum was a draw for many voters in Tuesday's primary election. The issue was on the primary ballot in 12 districts around the state, where it also largely went down to defeat. The Atlanta region stood the most to gain.
. . .
Tea party members, the state NAACP and the Sierra Club comprised an unlikely coalition that opposed the referendum, relying on e-mail and social media to urge voters to defeat the measure.
Now if we could only get the Sierra Club to oppose the high speed choo choo project here in California. Normal environmental impact requirements are of course going to be waived for a rail line that won't even use electricity as its power source. Not a peep from the state Sierra Club.

Georgia is very different from California, but I don't think there is anywhere in the country where a broad based sales tax increase could pass right now.

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